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Launching today on Apple podcasts and Spotify: Great Green Questions with Juliet Davenport featuring my illustration! The first episode is with special guests Robert Llewelyn & Eshaan Akbar.
🇬🇧 This time 'Veg to table' brings you recipes about purple sprouting broccoli.

🇫🇷 Cette fois-ci 'Veg to table' vous emmène des recettes à base de broccoli.
Spring is here 🎉🌞🌱🏵️🌷🌿🌸🌻🌼
Winter is over ❄️🌨️🌬️🌫️🌧️⛄
🇬🇧 This is the latest illustration for my sister's blog 'Veg to table'. This time taking you to a sunnier place with blood oranges. 🍊🌞🌄🏖️🌴

🇫🇷 Voici la nouvelle illustration du blog de ma sœur 'Veg to table'. On vous emmène dans un endroit plus ensoleillé avec les oranges sanguine.

👉 @jesshardi
🇬🇧 These are my kitchen shelves with lots of happy plants. This was a lockdown project. I love seeing the trailing plants grow new leaves. 🌿🌱I'm going to try translating my posts into French from now on as I have followers in France, including my mother in law!
🇫🇷 Voici mes étagères de la cuisine avec plein de plantes heureuses. C'était un projet bricolage du confinement. J'aime voir les nouvelles feuilles pousser. 🌿🌱Désormais, je vais essayer de traduire mes postes en français parce que j'ai des followers en France, dont ma belle mère ! 😘 @christineblanc9
New side project blog with my writer sister @jesshardi about seasonal eating in 2021. To mark the seasons of the year through food and lovely recipes because we need something to keep us going at the moment. She's writing and I'm drawing. 💚
#foodwriteruk #foodblog #seasonaleating #seasonalrecipes #eatgreen #eathealthy #2021 #illustration #procreateillustration #foodillustration #lockdown2021
Embroidery for my little niece Nélia who turned 1 recently🌹🌱🌸🌿🌺
#embroidery #floraldesign #embroideryart #lettering #embroideredlettering #embroideredletters #babygift #lockdownproject #lockdowncrafting
Merry Christmas friends and followers! 🎄🎅☃️✨🎉
Don't we all deserve some festive cheer at the end of such a tough year? I hope you're able to celebrate this year in some shape or form.
This is a lino print card that I designed and printed at home in November when I was feeling the wintery blues and needed something to look forward to (Christmas). I hope it brings you some joy today. ❤️
I've been enjoying doing yoga in the mornings since we started the second lockdown. It feels really good to counteract all of the stress and tension with stretching and breathing. Here are some different people doing yoga!
#illustration #yogaillustration #yoga #yogawithadriene #peopleillustration #wacomcintiq #wacomgraphicstablet #digitalillustration #lockdown2020 #lockdown2 #uklockdown #wellbeing #selfcare
3/3 of some illustrations I did recently for Juliet Davenport (CEO & Founder of Good Energy)
#creativedesigner #illustration #digitalillustration #adobeillustrator #renewableenergy #renewables #sustainableliving #sustainable #climatecrisis #bristolillustrator #grainytexture #textureillustration